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Download Free Step and Repeat Photoshop Action

Time saved by this photoshop action ___________Download step and repeat photoshop action

What does this action do?
It automates the tedious process of creating a step and repeat banners used for red carpet events and parties. I have to make between 5-10 per week for work! After spending hours creating the same backdrops over and over again I thought there had to be an easier way. I spent some time learning how to use photoshop actions (which I think any good graphic designer should do) and put together and step by step video tutorial on how I made this action. If you want to save hours of time and just want to use the action, download it using the link above.





Step and Repeat Photoshop Action

***** Transcript from video *****

So today I’m going to show you how to make a step and repeat banner. I have to make these for work and each one only takes me maybe five or ten minutes to lay out. So what I’ve done is I’ve made a photoshop action and you can download it for free from davidhay.org. So if you download the action it will come in a zip file and you’ll want to open that up and once you have that open you’ll see that there’s a big read me that will explain the type of graphics you’re going to make and how to select the right action. Once you click the action in photoshop, you’re going to go to the windows palette and go to actions and you’ll see it open up right here. Once it opens up you’re going to want to press play. The dialog is going to guide you through the entire process of actually making the step and repeat. So this has saved me a lot of time. I really like photoshop actions. I think automating a lot of processes is going to save me a lot of time at work. This is probably the first action I’ve done. If you’ve got feedback or you’ve got any questions go ahead and shoot me an email. If you want to see actually how I made these entire process I’ve recorded that and posted it on a separate youtube video. There is an example of the final product. It’s already been saved to the desktop so it’s ready to send to the printer.

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